Voice/Data Contract Optimization

I was spending way too much of my valuable time on telecommunications problems. All I wanted was the best rates with the least effort. TELE Concepts, Inc. handled our entire project and their consulting service generated significant savings without changing our long distance carrier.  Jacquelyn Arico, Monarch Wine Company

TELE Concepts, Inc. (TCI) recognizes that you are most-likely satisfied with your existing network service providers and are under contract with them. Our goal is to optimize these contracts for you.

With the Voice/Data Network Consulting program, TCI will obtain and analyze all current billing records to establish your existing network configurations and cost structures.

TCI cross-references your profile with those of all our satisfied clients and with the many tariffs, options, promotions and special rates currently available. We use our analysis data to recommend cost reductions and/or service improvements with your current provider(s). Our information is then presented to the service provider(s) in an effort to secure approval for all cost saving recommendations. TCI acts as your advocate throughout the course of the project.

If alternative service providers are to be considered, TCI will generate a detailed Request for Proposal (RFP) and complete all steps in the bidding process.

Whether you elect to remain with your existing carrier(s) or select a new one(s), TCI coordinates the implementation of any changes and continually monitors your account to ensure compliance with the negotiated plan(s). Each month, TCI will review the new bill(s) verifying accuracy and determining actual savings achieved.

Since its inception, TCIs Contract Optimization has saved our clients millions of dollars in network design improvements and actual cost reductions.